As of January 1, 2018

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Fee: 50% of total services will be paid upon booking. The remaining balance of the amount agreed is due upon receiving final product. Payments can be made via credit card, cash, check or PayPal. (Please contact us to determine which.)

Cooperation: The Client [You] and the Photographer [Tour Fuel Personnel] consent to happily cooperating and communicating with each other to achieve the best possible result within the understanding of this contract. We recommend that the Photographer [Tour Fuel Personnel] be provided with a “helper” (usually client employee or assistant) who will point out key shots to be photographed/filmed or provide a specific “shot list”, aka, list of all photos/footage that is needed to be taken.

Copyright Law: The copyright of photographs/video footage remains with the Photographer [Tour Fuel]. The Photographer [Tour Fuel] grants the Client 100% permission to make copies of said images and use them for sales, publication and/or commercial use. The Photographer [Tour Fuel] also has the right to use said photos/video footage for personal advertising and promotion/marketing.

Model Release: The Client grants the Photographer [Tour Fuel] and its legal representatives, heirs and assigns, the irrevocable and unlimited consent to use the photos/video footage of the Client for editorial, competition, advertising and any other purpose and in any manner, to alter the photographs without restriction; and to copyright the images. The Client hereby releases the Photographer [Tour Fuel] and its legal representatives, heirs and assigns from all liability and claims in connection with the images.

Limit of Liability: If a Photographer is too ill or becomes injured and cannot supply photography/video production services specified below, the Photographer [Tour Fuel Personnel] will try to book a replacement Photographer. If both Photographers are unavailable and a replacement Photographer cannot be found then liability is limited to a refund of any payments received to date. The Photographers have working methods in place to prevent loss or damage to your images. However, there is the unlikely possibility that images may be lost, stolen or destroyed for reasons in or beyond our control. In these circumstances liability is limited to the return of fees paid for the service or part thereof according to the percentage of images supplied.

Delivery: All photos/video footage will be delivered via a digital data transfer service such as Dropbox or WeTransfer, or the Client can provide a hard drive for transfer of images/video footage.

Booking Fee/Deposit (if applicable): In the event of the Client cancels the shoot for whatever reason, the booking fee/deposit is non-refundable. It will be considered as liquidated damages to the Photographer [Tour Fuel Personnel].

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